Step 1 - Plan

The first step in the Super3 is PLAN.

When we are planning, we should ask ourselves

  1. What am I supposed to do?
  2. How am I going to do it?

First, we will think about what we already know about what makes animals different and special. It's okay if we don't know much yet, because we will find out! We have a worksheet that will help us keep track of what we know and what we find out later. Ms. Spencer will show you how to use it.

Second, we will think of things we want to know about how animals are special. We will work together to think of questions we want to answer.

Next, Mrs. Perry will help us learn how to use parts of a book, like the title and table of contents, to know if the book will help us.

After that, Mrs. Perry will show us how to take short notes from our books. This will let us keep only the facts we need.

Now, we're ready to go find out!

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