Step 2 - Do

The second step is DO, or finding what you need and showing what you have learned.

There are lots of books in our classroom about animals. Find some books about your animal and start reading. If you need more books, ask Ms. Spencer or Mrs. Perry for help.

As you read, remember the "big questions" we listed in class. They were:

Which features help your animal survive?

Which feature do you think is most important to your animal's survival? Why?

Think about all the ways animals can be adapted to their homes. Look at the web we made in class. As you read, look out for fact fragments that tell how your animal is adapted to its environment. Write the fact fragments on your note cards.

Don't forget to give credit to the author! Write down the name, title, and page number of each fact fragment.

As we finish up our research, you'll write some complete sentences from your fact fragments and start answering our "big questions."

You and your partner will have four days to work on how you will share your information with the class. Use your final project checklist to make sure you are on track.

We'll also be working on our writing assignments. Ms. Spencer will work with the class on editing. Mrs. Perry will show us how to make a bibliography, or sources page. Then, you'll be ready to write the final draft, so use neat handwriting.

Next, it's time to share your project with the class!

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