Step 1 - Task Definition

The first step in the Big 6 is Task Definition, or figuring out what you need to do.

Task Definition has two parts.

  1. What's the Problem?
  2. What Do I Need to Solve It?

In other words, we need to decide on our BIG and SMALL questions. In class, we decided that our BIG questions should be:

How Does Global Warming Affect Our Planet?

What Causes Global Warming?

Is There Anything We Can Do To Help?

We also made a web of ideas relating to each of these questions. Each member of your group should choose one BIG question as a specialty area to investigate.

Once you have chosen your specialty area, it is a good time to think about what you already know about your topic, and what you want to know. Print out your KWHL chart and complete the first two sections. This will help you start thinking about what information you need to find to solve your problem.