Step 3 - Location and Access

The third step in the Big 6 is Location and Access, or finding the information.

Mrs. Perry will be teaching a lesson in the media center. Bring your list of possible sources with you.

Most of the sources we will use are located in or can be reached through the school media center. In order to quickly find the sources you are interested in, it is important to use search tools, like the library catalog program and the online encyclopedia. Open and print out the keyword diagram. We will use this to learn about choosing good keywords, as well as how to identify broader and narrower topics.

Internet sites have already been chosen for you because there is an enormous amount of information available online about global warming. It would be necessary for you to sort through many sites intended for scientists and politicians in order to locate information you could use. Instead, the media specialist has located several good websites for you.

If you feel you need to do an Internet search to answer a particular question, please ask the media specialist to assist you.

When you have your keywords, use them to search the library catalog. Write down items you would like to find in the library media center. Toward the end of class time, you will locate your items and check them out.

Next, try searching the online encyclopedia.

Remember, keywords can be used for print sources, too! When you are using encyclopedias or books about a broader topic, look for your keywords in the index.

Before the end of class or during your quiet work time, browse through the list of websites. You can also use these when you work on a computer outside of school.