Is It Getting Hot Out There?

A Global Warming Research Project

A Unit of Lessons for Sixth Grade Science and Language Arts

by Jennifer Perry

Last updated January 9, 2006.

During this research project, we will be learning about global warming. To help us conduct our research more effectively, we will be using the Big 6 model of problem solving. You will be working in groups to conduct your research. Each person in the group will be responsible for learning about one smaller part of the global warming issue.

During this unit, you will:

  1. develop a keyword search strategy for locating source materials

  2. investigate your specialty area using the Big6 model of problem solving

  3. learn and practice strategies for taking good notes

  4. learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it by paraphrasing and citing sources

  5. work with your group to produce a presentation or product that shows what you have learned about global warming

  6. work individually to write a persuasive e-mail to the President of the United States, arguing your personal position on global warming

It is a good idea to write down the web address of this page so you can visit it when you are working on this project after school hours.