The Process

  1. The class will be divided into four groups, two representing the Wampanoags and two representing the colonists.

  2. You will choose or be assigned one of the following roles:

  3. After you know your role, fill out the first two sections of a KWL chart with what you already know and what you want to know about your group.

  4. As a class, brainstorm what you know about the English colonists, the Plymouth colony, and the Wampanoag people. Fill out a big KWL chart together.

  5. Explore the following resources and use your journal to keep track of what you learn. Pay close attention to details about your specific role, but also record important information that will be helpful to your whole group. Make note of any areas where sources give different information or make different claims. Use this checklist as you work on your journal.

  6. Using Kidspiration or another drawing program, create a web that shows what you learned about your role. [Example web diagram]

  7. Meet with your group to share what you have learned.

  8. For the television show, one Wampanoag group and one Colonist group will go first, while the others sit in the audience. The teacher will ask questions about what your life was like, how you felt about the other group, and how colonization affected you. Halfway through, the groups will switch places and continue with the discussion. Remember, this is television, so you will be videotaped and the show will be shared with the other fifth grades!

  9. Discussion Rules

  10. After the "talk show" is over, describe what you have learned in the L section of your personal KWL chart.

  11. As a class, revisit the large KWL chart. Will you reconsider any of what you knew at the beginning? Have you found out everything you wanted to know? Discuss what you have learned and fill in the last section of the chart.

  12. Complete a reflection questionnaire and a self-evaluation.

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