The Process


The first step on your quest is to explore this interactive map of 1920s Harlem. Read about several locations and be sure to enlarge the photos for better viewing.
With your group, decide on your area of expertise. Begin exploring the links associated with that area. After looking at each person listed in your area, choose one person you would like to research.
You will be using Kidspiration on the computer to create a web of information about the person you are researching. Visit the questioning page for ideas about possible research questions and strategies for organizing your information.

Literature Expert

Choose one of the following writers to research:

Art Expert

Choose one of the following artists to research:

Music Expert

Choose one of the following musicians to research:


After you have finished your research, share what you have learned with your group. Together you should talk about how these individuals might have interacted, supported, or influenced one another (the "Drop Me Off in Harlem" website will help).
Working as a team, plan and create your exhibit. It should consist of a visual display and a written explanation of what the audience is seeing. Get creative! You could make posters, a PowerPoint presentation, or a videotape of your group performing. If you need help coming up with ideas, just let me know.
Your final project should focus not only on the impact of the individual people, but also on why the Harlem Renaissance was important. What did it represent? How was it a change from what had come before and how did it effect what would come after?


Take a few minutes to reflect on what and how you learned. Print out and answer the reflection questionnaire. Remember, this part of your grade and it gives you a chance to give your opinions!