Portfolio of Coursework and Lesson Plans

Fall 2004

Education and Social Issues (EDUC H520)
Instructor: Dr. Donald Warren

Title I in Monroe County Elementary Schools (PDF document)

Spring 2005

Information Sources and Services (SLIS L524)
Instructor: Dr. Lokman Meho

George Rogers Clark and the Revolutionary War in Indiana - A Pathfinder

Fall 2005

Information Inquiry for Teachers (SLIS L551)
Instructor: Dr. Annette Lamb

Traveling with Kids in Italy - An Inquiry Project

Media specialist/teacher collaboration, in the format of a journal article

Inquiry-based Curriculum Units

Elementary Curriculum (EDUC E535)
Instructor: Dr. Carol-Anne Hossler

Children's Literature for Reading Instruction in the Elementary Classroom (PDF document)

Information Architecture for the Web (SLIS L571)

Website created: Childs Elementary School Library

Spring 2006

The School Library Media Specialist (SLIS L553)
Instructor: Linda Mills, MLS

INSPIRE Database Lesson (PDF document)

Annual Report Newsletter (PDF document)

Trade Books in Elementary Classrooms (EDUC L559)
Instructor: Dr. Mitzi Lewison

Harlem Renaissance WebQuest

Evaluation of Library Resources and Services (SLIS L651)
Instructor: Dr. Tom Nisonger

A Checklist Evaluation of an Elementary School Library Through its Online Public Access Catalog (PDF document)

Collection Evaluation in a School Library Media Center: An In-Depth Look at the Dewey 700s Class (large PDF document)

Summer 2006

Electronic Materials for Children and Young Adults
Instructor: Dr. Annette Lamb

Explorers: A Guide to Resources for Student Researchers

Database Guide: Finding Images with Kids Search Image Collection

Two Sides to Every Story: A WebQuest on Colonization

Fall 2006

Student Teaching Practicum/Internship
Templeton Elementary School
Supervising Teacher: Laura Hall, MLS

Library Location and Dewey Decimal Lesson

Web Page Evaluation and Internet Searching Lesson

Website Citation Lesson

Technology Projects

Student Teaching Practicum/Internship
Jackson Creek Middle School
Supervising Teacher: Kristina McGlaun, MLS

Banned Book Week Lesson and Book Talks

8th Grade Language Arts - Great American Author Resumes

7th Grade Business Technology - Search Strategies and the E-Library Database

7th Grade ALPS Language Arts Mock Book Challenge Pathfinder

Technology Projects

Fall 2007

Volunteer Projects


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