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INSPIRE is a collection of databases, or storehouses of information. One of the many things you can do with INSPIRE is look up images or pictures. To do that, we will use a database called Kids Search.

Kids Search is made by EBSCOhost and the State of Indiana pays for us to use it, and all of INSPIRE, free! If you are on a computer at school, you don't need a password to log in to INSPIRE, but if you want to use it at home or somewhere else, you will have to sign up for a free password. Get your parents to help you!

Kids Search's image collection will help you find lots of pictures to use in reports and presentations. For example, you could find:

apple   Teachers

Using Kids Search Images will avoid the hassles of photocopying images from books and the risk of Internet searches. We think you will be pleased with how easy it is for students to use! Students will also get practice with computer and information literacy skills while working on a subject area project.

View details about Kids Search and the image collection.

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