Sample Project

Every year at Childs, fifth grade students study explorers. They conduct research and share what they learn, often through PowerPoint slides. This example will show how the Kids Search Image Collection be used by students who are working on explorer projects.

Liam is a fifth grader who has been researching the British explorer David Livingstone. He has completed his research and is ready to put together his PowerPoint presentation, but something is missing...PICTURES! Follow along as Liam finds and uses pictures from the Kids Search Image Collection.


After he has gotten to the Image Collection search page, Liam decides to search instead of browse because he wants pictures of a specific person. He types "David Livingstone" into the Find box and clicks on the Go button.

screen shot of Livingstone search

Liam's search returns two pictures of David Livingstone.

screen shot of Livingstone search results

Liam likes the first picture, so he clicks on it to make it bigger and to get more information.

screen shot of the Livingstone photo citation page


Now Liam is ready to save this picture to his computer where he can use it in a PowerPoint slide. He right clicks on the picture, and chooses Save Image to the Desktop or Save Image As from the menu that appears.

screen shot of pop-up menu

The file saves to the computer's desktop, but it is named 2665151.jpg. That isn't helpful, so Liam renames the file by clicking on the name and typing livingstone.

screen shots of renaming a file

Liam has to make a bibliography slide in his PowerPoint presentation, so he takes the information he needs from the bottom of the page.

screen shot of citation information

A Second Picture

Now Liam is ready to find another picture. He knows Livingstone was mauled by a lion while exploring in Africa, so Liam wants a picture of a lion. He clicks on the Redo Search link at the top of the page to start a new search.

screen shot of redo search link

Liam types lion into the Find box. This gets 1366 hits, many of them about a football team called the Lions, some about sea lions, and even a man named Lion.

screen shot of first lion search

Liam decides to try some limiters to get rid of the hits he doesn't want. He types lion NOT sea into the Find box and checks the box next to Natural science photos. That should get rid of the football team and the sea lions. Does it work?

screen shot of the second lion search

That's better! Now eight of the first ten hits are pictures of the kind of lions Liam is looking for.

screen shot of the second lion search results

Liam chooses a picture, clicks on it to make it bigger, and saves it to the desktop. Just like before, he renames the file and writes down the information for his citation. Now he is ready to put the pictures into a PowerPoint slide. He has already opened PowerPoint and has a slide waiting, so he drags and drops the pictures onto the PowerPoint slide and then makes them smaller by dragging in on the corners.

screen shot of dragging and dropping pictures into a 
PowerPoint slide

Liam might want to use these pictures again, especially if something happens to his PowerPoint file. He saves the pictures to his locker and deletes them from the desktop.

See the slide Liam created. He will be making more slides with all of the information he gathered about Livingstone's exploration of Africa, and now he can find all the pictures he needs.

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Created by Jennifer Perry
Indiana University School of Library and Information Science
Begun June 6, 2006 and last updated June 7, 2006.